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  • Product name: Sythetic Thatch Tile
  • item No: KBK008
  • Time on shelves: 2016-12-21
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Considering all the short coming of natural thatch tile, we choose imported synthetic polymeric mainly polypropylene as the material and manufactured the realistic thatch tile. The products has achieved the national partent and enviromental and fire rating certificate.



·         Our Fiber Synthetic Thatch is Guaranteed for 20 Years, but Will last up to 50 years!

·         Our synthetic thatch doesn’t rot or decay

·         No toxic mould (prevents health hazards)

·         Birds, rodents and bugs can’t eat it (no disgusting infestations!)

·         No additional maintenance costs!

·         FiberThatch technology withstands winds of over 180 k.p.h!

·         Not susceptible to sun damage (doesn’t fade!)

·         Looks just like the real thing (see pictures below!)

·         FiberThatch is a technology designed specifically for harsh climates

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