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Jinan Kingbeck Roofing Now Hiring



Jinan Kingbeck is actively expanding overseas markets, and plans to set up overseas office in Africa, north and south Americas, South East Asia, etc.


We are looking for experienced person to proactively promote and popularize our kingbeck roofing and project in these areas. This is an unique opportunity to join an rapidly expanding international company. Join us, you will get best salary and support to realize value of your life.


Main Products:

Roof tiles: stone coated metal roof tile, asphalt shingles, thatch tile, sythetic resin PVC roof tile, rain gutter and downspout system, etc.


Raw materials: color coated steel rolls, galvanized steel coils, etc.


Hiring                      :   2 or 3 people

Age requirement     :   no limit

Salary                     :  confirm after interview

Working experience:  above 3 years


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for local market research, market analysis report, in order to help head office to set up the reasonable market policy;

2. Responsible for product promotion and operation, complete annual sales target;

3. Responsible for team cooperation, help head office to complete the customer visit;

4.Responsible for the company's local after-sale service work;

5.Responsible for the reception of company's delegation.



1.       Have related knowledge of  building materials and be familiar with the local market;

2.       Over 5 years sales experience of building material, people who have customer and project resources is preferred.

3.       Have driver's license

4.       Fluency in English


Contact us:

Email:    Tel:0086 53188924606 

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