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Kingbeck new roofing tiles——Asphalt shingles


Introduction of asphalt shingles:

Asphalt roofing shingles are lightweight, glass fibre based bitumen strip slates.They are easily installed and give the appearance of a highly decorative tiled roof finish.

Advantages of asphalt shingles:
Asphalt shingles have 5 shapes and 12 colors.
Temperature of sphalt shingles: -45 C to 130 C, for all weather, long service life.

Asphalt shingles color will not fade.

The thickness of Asphalt shingles is  2.7mm or 5.4mm.

Asphalt shinges can be produced 20,000sqm per day and have timely delivery time.

Kingbeck asphalt shingles has China TOP quality with competitive price and excellent service.We can offer you free sample of asphalt shingles.