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Residential Metal Roofing - The Secret Is Out




    In our industry, it appears that the secret about metal roofing is out because it seems like everywhere I turn lately on TV there's someone championing the benefits of metal roofs, particularly for homes.

    A stunning amount of homeowners who are either looking at buying a house with a metal roof or they're deciding to put a metal roof on their existing home.

    There are many instances where the homeowner or a realtor demonstrates their admiration for the aesthetics and longevity offered by metal. And it seems that the "tiny house" genre - loosely defined by homes of 500 sq. ft. or less - is comprised of some of the biggest fans of metal roofing outside of the members of the actual Metal Roofing Alliance, a group who's devoted solely to furthering the use of metal roofing for residences. An incredible amount of work has gone into promoting residential metal roofing by this select group, and it's great to see that hard work being recognized.

    If you haven't noticed this movement toward residential metal roofing, I'd encourage you to take a look around any of the home improvement networks. It shouldn't take long before you see metal roofing being used and praised on numerous shows. You're likely to come away with some ideas about using a metal roof on your home.

    For more about metal roofing for homes, please check out some stunning examples in our Project. You'll find dozens of metal roofs on everything from single-family houses to large developments and apartment complexes. In addition, there are many great case studies spotlighting exterior and interior metal wall treatments, as well as steel framing.

    Now that the secret about residential metal roofing is out, feel free to tell everyone you know.

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