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KINGBECK Aluminium Simulated Thatch Tile

Writer:Robert ZhaoDate:2017-10-19
“KINGBECK” Alumimium Simulated Thatch Tile is made of pure aluminium, which is produced by special manufacturing craft. Its advantage of fireproofing, long durability, anti-corrosion makes it an ideal decoration material.
Product advantage
* 100% fireproof, anti-wind, environmental friendly
* Strong adhesive quality, High hardness, Anti-corrosion, No threaten of bird and insects.
* Long durability, life span of 10-50 years
* Beautiful and elegant colors
* Easy installation, flexible, unrestricted of different shape of roof
* Light weighted, easy for structural design
* Good manufacturing performance, easy to manufacture it to different shape.
* Recyclable, environment safe
Application field
Park, Zoo, Amusement park, Holiday village, Folk culture park, Hotel, Swiming pool, Super market and Farm etc. 

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