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Kingbeck Asphalt Roof Features

Writer:Robert ZhaoDate:2017-09-22
1. Various appearance and colors for your choice
There are 5 different types and rich colors to choose. You surely can find one profile suitable for your roof, according to your favorite.
2. Unrestricted climate, wide adhibition
The long research and test prove that the asphalt roof can resisit the erosion from sunlight, hear and cold, rain, frost, ect
3. Tough Color, never fade
With time going by, the color keeps new. Basalt is one kind of hard material. Its quality will not change, for not absorbing moisture. Basalt clast, from heat virtification technology. It ensures the color of asphalt shingles keep a long time.
4. Light environmental roof system
Asphalt shingles are of high strength and rigidity. Meanwhile it has less weight. Thus it can reduce load-bearing supporting structure sizeamd total weight of roof , So this corresponds to the lower load-bearing supporting of building and roof.
5. Correctly engineering, no repair
Strong weather fastness of asphalt shingles ensure little repair, under the condition of correct engineeriung and production.
6. Wide scope pf application
Asphalt shingle is one kind of flexible tile and free-cutting and beses roof, also can be appliced for cone, round, camber and other complex sloping roofs.

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