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Kingbeck company exports imitation thatch roof to UAE

Writer:Robert ZhaoDate:2017-07-26
The United Arab Emirates buyer purchased one container of imitation roof tile this week. Our plant staffs speed up the production schedule and finish all manufacturing within three days. Buyer gives a high appraisal to our company and shows further cooperation intention.
Kingbeck imitation thatch roof tiles have the following advantages:
1. Exclusive formula, Specially add anti-UV, anti-aging, resistance to deformation, antioxidant ingredients, over 10-50 years life.
2. Sole high imitation technology, with natural thatch color and texture, reach natural thatch effectiveness
3. Unique and artistic designation, reasonable structure, use aluminium alloy materials fixture, durable, non-corrosion, not rust, anti typhoon over seven class.
4. Light weight, Non-toxic, Tasteless, free-noise, without putrefaction, Not Mildew, environment protection.
5. Easy to install, pave a square metres by only several pieces, Save time and effort, save cost.

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