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The unique advantage of Kingbeck asphalt shingle

Writer:Robert ZhaoDate:2017-06-30
Unique production line
Kingbeck has the state-of-the-art machine of double-layer compound, the technology of double strips and cutting-edge technology of environment isolation.
Unique granules
The color of granules can’t be natural. It is divided into two basic types, dyeing granules and sintered granules. Kingbeck uses the sintered granules from CL Rock, the same as OC.
Unique sanding and process
Kingbeck uses triangular coarse sand instead of general coarse sand. It makes a better roof effect.
Unique asphalt
Kingbeck uses high quality modified waterproof asphalt. It makes asphalt stable, doesn’t flow in the high temperature and doesn’t crack in the low temperature.
Unique felt
Kingbeck uses fiberglass mat for the felt and makes the shingle more stable so that extend shingle life.

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