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SBS elastomeric modified asphalt waterproofing membrane


SBS elastomeric modified asphalt waterproofing membrane is SBS ( styrene-butadiene-styrene ) thermoplastic elastomeric modified asphalt for dip coating material, with high grade polyester mat, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt as the tyre base, with fine sand, mineral aggregates, PE film, aluminum film as the cladding material, using special mechanical stirring, grinding the elastomeric modified asphalt waterproofing membrane.

Product feature

1.Good water impermeability

2.Strong tensile strength, big elongation rate, Dimension stability on shrinkage deformation and strong ability to adapt cracking

3.Low temperature resistance performance is good. SBS was applied to the low temperature environmental building waterproof.

4.Puncture resistance, breaking resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, and mildew and weathering resistance properties.

5.Convenient construction, hot melt construction of round operation, reliable joints.



1.Applicable to industrial and civil construction roofing, underground and other waterproof moisture-proof and bridges, car parks, swimming pools, tunnels and other building waterproof.


2. Modification asphalt waterproof membrane can be used for a particularly important civil construction and water has the special requirements of industrial building