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Rain Gutter System Installation


Determine Downspout location

Choose the right location of downspout according to the drawing.

Draw the Gutter leading line

Vertical down 30mm from the top of the gutter as the datum point, draw the ink line along the horizontal directoion; or draw the gutter leading line from the datum point to the downspout direction on the basis of declining 6mm per 3m.

Determine the length of bottom of gutter

The gutter length should be 130mm longer than the eave length when the gutter has a 90° corner; the gutter length should be 54mm longer than the eave length when the gutter has a 135° corner. Each joining part length is 50mm if the gutter is piecewise connection.

Gutter Connection

Cut the gutter, make the gutter connected cut, connect the gutter with 4mm×16mm pulling rivet on the ground of the roof.

Gutter Installation

1.According to the following distribution requirement of the gutter hanger, drill a hole which has φ6mm and depth 50mm (at least). Along the gutter leading line vertically down about 20mm. And meanwhile embed the φ6mm plastic empansion bolt.

2.The distribution requirement of the Gutter Hanger

  • Install the first gutter hanger to the gutter from the gutter convertion or the gutter end cap.
  • Install gutter hangers 150mm away from either side of the gutter end cap and the gutter convertion.
  • The maximum interval between two hangers should be less than 600mm.

3.Use 4.2mm twist drill to penetrate the inside wall of gutter through the hanger hole. 

4.Fix the gutter on the eave with 4mm×400 stainless steel skew which penetrates through the hanger hole.

5.Inner and outer corner should have a trial assembly firstly on the roof of the ground. Firstly connect the corner to one side of the gutter than adjust the angle, secondly the other side of gutter.

6.Daub the weather-proof special sealant evently on the gutter joint, gutter end cap joint and other joints.


Downspout Installation


Make the downspout outlet

According to the location of downspout outlet, drill a φ60mm hole, and use the weather-proof special sealant when install the concealed drop outlet.

Install the pipe elbow

After the installation of the concealed drop outlet and 2.5 hours later, then you can rivet the radius of 4mm×16mm brick on the downspout outlet.

Determine the position of the pipe clip

  • According to the location of the downspout outlet, use the plumb to determine the vertical position of the pipe clip.
  • The maximum interval must be less than 1.5m between two pipe clips, and put a clip under the pipe elbow which is connected with gutter.
  • Install a clip on the location which is 30cm above the bottom of the downspout.
  • Install a clip on the downspout interface to cover the seam.

How to connect the downspout

Cut the downspout, then make a socket end by special tube pliers, the socket length must be 30mm in order to insert the downspout, rivet the connection with the pulling rivet, and the same as the connection of the pipe elbow and downspout.

Downspout installation

  • Drill a 6mm radius hole on the right place of the outer wall
  • Embed the 6mm radius plastic expansion bolt
  • Use the sides of clip to defend the downspout
  • Fix the downspout on the wall with radius of 4mm×40mm galvanized self-tapping screw.

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