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Kingbeck EPS Module Thermal Insulation Building System

Writer:Robert ZhaoDate:2017-04-07
As one stop service of villa, KINGBECK company is devoted to developing new building materials system.
KINGBCK EPS Module Shear Wall refers to a kind of concrete composite wall with internal and external thermal insulation, which is made by binding rebar and pouring concrete in empty module block walls. All EPS modules are stitching jointed block by block.
KINGBECK EPS module is a kind of foam plastic material which is processed by special equipment and mould after heating expandable polystyrene to foaming. EPS module concrete shear wall is suitable for villas, large cold storages and agricultural greenhouses under 15 meters. It can reduce construction cost by 15%, increase construction speed by 50%, increase use area by 8%. In addition, its structural seismic capacity is more than 8 degrees.
KINGBECK EPS module concrete shear wall can replace traditional concrete brick wall, which realizes the standardization, industrialization, assembly and refinement construction of earthquake disaster prevention energy-saving building. Customers from overseas come to negotiate orders and run factory together. Until now our products have been exported to South America, Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa, and have received great recognition from all the customers.

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