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Kingbeck Polycarbonate Sheets Export to Iceland


Kingbeck Polycarbonate Sheets Export to Iceland


In March, our customer from Iceland placed an order of 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate sheet in transparent color. Our prepared 10mm polycarbonate sheets are as follow:


KINGBECK polycarbonate roof sheet is made by polycarbonate resin, and both sides of the sheet contain UV protective layer. It has many excellent features, such as good weather-resistance, good impact-resistance, heat insulation, soundproof, lighting, anti-UV and fire retardation, etc.  As good roofing materials, KINGBECK polycarbonate roof sheet is widely used in ceiling lighting, ceiling access, elevated road soundproof walls and greenhouse, etc.



Applications of Polycarbonate roof sheet:

1. Sunshades for stadiums and bus shelters

2. Lighting for corridors and subway entries

3. Sheds for bus platforms

4. Advertising lamp boxes and Bank ATMs

5. Sound and heat insulation for constructions such as expressways and houses

6. Canopies for agricultural greenhouses, zoos, botanical gardens


KINGBECK offers you all kinds of high quality building materials.


If you have any problems, contact me: Waiting for your inquiry!

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