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KINGBECK Synthetic Thatch Roof Tile

Kingbeck is a professional company for synthetic thatch roof tile in china.We can make different sizes,different colors and different styles thatches,materials can be PE\PVC\ALUMINUM. is a new landscape ideal material for roof decoration.They are 100% simulation. Kingbeck thatch roof tiles can be customized for Customers .Our Synthetic Thatch tiles can be used for holiday, resorts, promenades, beer gardens, beach front hotels, side-walk cafes, restaurants, swimming pools, etc. Its natural decorative defection will bring you back to the nature relax your mood.
1. Synthetic Thatch is resistant to wind and sun and rain, protozoa, fungi, rot, rust
2. 100% simulation to real straw or thatch
3. Never decay, shed or mold, life expectancy up to 30~50 years
4. Installation is simple, free from influence of various roof shapes, wide range of applications

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