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Simulated Thatch Tile Expert - Kingbeck


Kingbeck synthetic macromolecule thatch is the new high-end artificial thatch production. It applies to import high-end synthetic macromolecule materials and it use the most advanced artificial manufacturing technique, it is updated products of normal plastic thatch in the market. It is with inflame retardant, resistance to deformation and anti-aging.  

Natural thatch is beautiful, artistic and aesthetic. But it has been gradually replaced by Kingbeck simulated thatched roof, which has the advantage of fireproofing, anti-corrosion, long durability. As the development of tourism, Kingbeck simulated thatched house attract attention of designers all around the world. It is widely sued in holiday resort, theme part, hotel and villa. Even in modern city, those special simulated thatched rood can add some rural flavors to our life, thus relieve the intensive pace of modern life.

Kingbeck company offers one stop service for thatch roof.

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