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High - Class Asphalt Shingle

The asphalt shingles of Kingbeck use the fiberglass as its base; one side spread with sintered granules, and the other side use waterproof materials. Kingbeck shingle have many features, such as heat insulation, high durability, low repairing rates, wide range of applications, lower project cost, easy to handle safety etc. 
Kingbeck has six kinds of shapes of asphalt shingles:3 Tab Shingles, Laminated Shingles, Hexagon Mosaic Shingles, Gothic Shingles, Fish Scale Shingles, and Wave Shingles. Kingbeck owns 12 types of regular colors. For the effect of the roof, we always advise our customers to use two or three types of color. Because it makes your roof more unique. 
Adhesive Self - Pastern with Hot Melt
Mineral Surface Granules
Weathering Grade Asphalt
Glass Fiber Mat
Weathering Grade Asphalt
Quartz Anti-Slip Sand

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