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Kingbeck Ceiling t bar


Kingbeck Ceiling t bar

Create an exquisite interior finish for you.

Introduction of Kingbeck Ceiling t bar:

Kingbeck Ceiling t bar is the main material of the suspended ceiling. In Light Steel Keel System, Kingbeck Ceiling t bar are made into square frames and connected with the floor through screws, in order to fix the ceiling or objects. As the Light steel has the features of low density, light weight and high hardness, Kingbeck Ceiling t bar never deform and has been widely used in building decoration.


Advantages of Kingbeck Ceiling t bar:


1 Light weight and good quality.

2 High strength and strong bearing capacity.

3 Beautiful and elegant in appearance.

4 Smooth surface and easy cleaning.

5 No pollution in whole installation.

6 Moisture proof and anti-corrosive.

7 Anti-deform and fadeless.

8 Convenient application and easy installation.

9 Easy disassembly and recycling in use.

10 Fireproof material, safe and durable.


Application of Kingbeck Ceiling t bar:

Kingbeck Ceiling t bar is mainly applied in the suspended ceiling of commercial buildings, industrial workshops and residential buildings, such as hotels, shopping malls, schools, stations and office buildings, etc.

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