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Metal Chimney Cap

Kingbeck metal chimney cap is a fully hand-made matching craft to villa. It gives more elaborate and adorment effect than simple chimney cap. Meanwhile, it can be simply installed and sizes will be made as request to achieve you good installation effect. 


Rain Chains

Rain chains is originated in Japan and are known to date back more than a hundred years. Guiding rain water visibly down chains or cups from the gutter system to the ground, it is beautiful and functional alternative to a traditional downspout. Today rain chains are being used on all types of architecture,such as park, pavilion, porch, etc. The unique and attractive hand crafted rain chains will introduce decorative and positive element to any outdoor space. And the soothing rush of  rain water running through the rain chains also brings you a sense of peacefulness.


Metal Valley Flashing


Metal valley flashing is alternative to a traditional valley flashing, easy to install and can fit for any roof with any slope.




Soilless culture of gutter


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