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Advantages of light steel villa



Energy-Saving and Environmental friendly

Energy Saving

The wall and roof system adopt ASA panels, a new thermal insulation material, which ensures small temperature variation, low thermal conduction and prominent heat preservation. Compared to traditional brick-cement buildings, it can save 30% power and the materials are recyclable.

Land Saving

Benefiting from the thinner ASA panels, the wall thickness is reduced to half of traditional brick-cement building. The utilization rate of building increases 10 to 15% than traditional ones.

Water Saving

Dry construction saves water. The water consumption is less than 30kg/sqm, while the water consumption for brick-cement building construction is 3 tons/sqm. Besides, with the complete rain gutter and downspout systems, rain water can be collected for reasonable use.

Material Saving

The ASA panels is produced according to the size of designed building, nearly no waste materials. Compared to other traditional structure building, it can save materials by 30% to 50%.



Flexible and Healthy

Green Space

With green materials, light steel villa has no poison and no harm in manufacture and use, providing a healthy living condition for you. The span of light steel villa can reach 6 to 12 meters, offering a larger living space for residents.

92% Usable Area

The wall thickness of light steel villa is only half of brick-concrete structure wall, so the usable floor area can reach 92% and the indoor space can be divided freely. Indoor design and decoration can be completed synchronous.

Sound Insulation

The wall system and stone coated metal roof system bring light steel villa perfect sound insulation which meets the national standards for building sound insulation.

Warm and Comfortable

Light steel wall system has respiratory function and can adjust indoor air humidity. The roof has ventilation function, which can form a flowing air space over indoor house to ensure the ventilation and cooling demand of the internal roof. So the indoor temperature is comfortable no matter in winter and summer.


Safe and durable

Anti-earthquake, Anti- hurricane and Good Fireproof Performance.

Excellent Anti-corrosion and long lifespan

Light steel villa structure is composed with high strength cold-formed light steel structure parts which adopt anti-corrosion cold rolling steel plate coated with galvanized or al-zinc. This can effectively avoid steel structure parts being rusting during the construction and use and increase the lifespan to more than 90 years.



Faster construction

The speed of construction is much faster than the traditional way, only one sixth working hour of traditional brick-concrete structure buildings with the same construction area. The light steel structure and ASA panels are produced in factory in advance. The ASA panels used in walls can be sawed, nailed ,drilled, planed and pasted. It is convenient in construction and saving in labor.


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