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Our factory, established in 2008 was located in Dezhou City, Shandong, China. We spend a capital of USD 10 million to develop a 33000 square meter production base. It has a 400 square meter drying room and 20 worldly advanced roll or press forming lines, including 2 longest and most complete stone coated metal roof tile production lines with the production capability of 20000 pieces per day. The modern facilities and well trained staff members ensure Kingbeck stone coated metal roof tile was produced in high quality by the process of three times of glue spray, sanding blasting and baking. Besides, the specialized drying room keeps Kingbeck stone coated metal roof tile continuous baked at 40℃ for more than 24 hours then the tile was fully dryed. Thus, you can see Kingbeck stone coated metal roof tile the colored natural stone chips bond to the base plate stablely. 
In addition, before delivery Kingbeck Tile will have a complete test by our testing equipments, such as Uv test, aging test, rain test, cold test, yellow resistane test, salt spry test,etc.
Roof Tile
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