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Kingbeck Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile is protected by Al-zinc steel plate. The outer layer of natural stone chips and environment-friendly Water-soluble Acrylic Resin gives kingbeck stone coated metal roof tile glamor and nobility, which ensures a reliable barrier against noise, wind and rain, prevent an avalanche of snow at once.


Al-Zinc Steel Plate

Al-Zinc steel plate is an alloy coated steel, solidified in 600℃ high temperature  with 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon.As a dense four-ternaries crystalline made of aluminum-iron-silicon-zinc, it has the features of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, thermal reflective, economy, etc.
Corrosion Resistance 
Al-zinc steel plate has a strong corrosion resistance mainly because of aluminum’s protection function. When there is a wear or tear of zinc, aluminum can form a dense layer of alumina to prevent further internal corrosion.

Heat Resistance
Al-Zinc steel plate has a good heat resistance, which can withstand temperature over 300℃. 

Thermal Reflective
The thermal reflectivity of Al-Zinc steel plate is very high, which twice as galvanized steel plate. It often serves as the heat insulation material.
As the density of 55% Al-zinc is lower than that of zinc, so the area of Al-Zinc steel plate is 3% bigger than that of galvanized steel plate in the same weight and the same thickness of metal coated layer. 
Fingerprint Resistance
After the passivating treatment, organic coating namely fingerprint resistant film will be used on the passivation film of Al-Zinc steel plate. So it won't leave any fingerprint on the steel plate after touching. This makes the steel surface bright, clean and smooth.
Colored Stone Chips 
Colored stone chips provide decorative and basic protection to metal tile.The ceramic-sintered colored stone chips was made of basalt particles in certain size after high-tech coloring process and high temperature sintering.With a variety of colors, it can resist ultraviolet radiation and reduce the noise caused by rain.
Roof Tile
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