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Installation of the metal rain gutter and downspout system




Installation of the gutter


1.Hammer a nail at the position of 3cm down from the higher side of the gutter,from this nail to the direction of the outfall,draw the guiding line according to slope of every 3m down for 2cm.


2.Confirm the length of the gutter:

A.If the eave is straight,the gutter should be as long as the eave.

B.If the eave is longer than the gutter,the gutter should be connected one by one,the joint of two gutters should overlap for 2cm.


3.Connect the gutter:

Cut and section the gutter according to the total length of the gutter,make the gutter`s connection of incision.Riveting the gutter in working area on the ground


4.Install the end caps on both side:

  Drill two holes in top and the end by electric drill ,and fasten by the rivets.


5.Install the gutter hangers:

    Along the guiding line , set an expansion hole on the position from top to end about 30cm then down for 2cm.The up edge of gutter inner should flush with the guiding line. Diameter of the hole is 8mm,depth of the hole no less than 4cm.



Installation of the downspout


 1.Make the outfall:

  According to the position of outfall, make the outfall on the ground working area by flat spade, iron sheet shear or angle grinder. Put the connector onto the outfall position and fix with rivet,thw down of connector will connect the downspout.


 2.Install the elbow:

  According to the position of outfall, riveting the elbow onto the outfall, the place with waist line need for 4 elbows and the lowest place must install one elbow.


 3.Ensure the position of clip:

  According to the position of outfall ,locate the position of clip by dropping line;

  The biggest distance between two clips must be no more than 1.5m, the under of elbow which is connected with gutter should set a clip.


 4.Install the clip:

  Drill expansion holes at the relevant position in the wall, fix the clip with plastic plugs. If the wall has insulating layer, must use extended plugs to ensure firm and fixed.


 5.Cut downspout, install leaf guard and flashing board.

  Check the length of downspout according to its position then cut. According to the length of gutter, cut the leaf guard and install with bandage. In order to prevent rain water infiltration in the eaves and influence the insulating layer of the wall, should install flashing board according to the length of gutter.


Fill sealing protection

Fill sealing:

Put the construction neutral silane rubber smoothly on the riveting place of inside and outside corners, parts of gutter and end cap.

Drainage System
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