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Installation of the PVC rain gutter and downspout system



Installation of the gutter


1.Remain level in the position of gutter,snap the line with ink from top to end.


2.Take out the gutter from the package,put it down stably on the ground or scaffold,then cut a hole which size is the same as the down of hopper in the position of the hopper in gutter.


3.Insert the hopper into the gutter slowly.


4.Instal the hangers on the gutter,insert in order and grasp the interval.The distance between two adjacent hangers is 40-50cm.


5.In the position of snapline,drill a hole according to every 40-50cm space by electric drill(No.6 broach),and knock the expanded pipe in.


6.Put the gutter in the position of the snapline,adjust the space between the hangers,then fix the hanger and gutter into the eaves by relevant seamless screws.


7.When meet the corner of the gutter,should connect the outside corner and inside corner by connector ,two gutters also need to be connected by the gutter connector.


8.During the installation process,in order to prevent leak,end cap,connector and other relevant accessories should be putted on sillca gel.


9.The level of slope of the outfall should keep 5-10 angle drgee,in favour of drain away water unimpeded.


10.When the roof arc is large,should install the hopper every 10m for one as much as possible.



Installation of downspout:


1.Take out the square downspout from the package,put it down on the ground or scaffold.


2.Hang the line hammer on the down position of the gutter,make it vertical to the ground,choose a anchor point in this vertical line,keep a good distance(the distance between two downspout clips is 110-130cm)


3.Drill a hole in the anchor point by electric drill,and knock the expanded pipe in.


4.In the position of the hopper,bring the square downspot vertical and against the wall by using the diverter, fix by downspout clip and contral the distance;fix the diverter on left and right side by relevant seamless screw.


5.Bond the diverter and the interface of pipe to the connector by silica gel.


6.When meet the condition of through the wall in installation,please grout mortar into the gap,after the mortar curdle,then leak stoppage in the gap.

Drainage System
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