Kingbeck Villa

Build fast, classic and comfortable villas; Supply green new building materials.

  • Energy-Saving and Environmental friendly
  • Flexible and Healthy
  • Safe and durable

Using lightweight frames as load-bearing system and high strength panels as floor-slab system, Kingbeck Villa provides outer wall and roof system with suitable thickness and structure according to different regions with different climate. Kingbeck Villa is specilized in Light Steel Villa and Wood Villa, energy-saving and enviromental friendly, flexiable and healthy, safe and durable.


Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile

With good antiseptic Al-zinc steel as base plate, high weather resistance acrylic resin as adhesive, and colorful natural basalt stone chips as surface, Kingbeck stone coated metal roof tile has become the main choice of international roof system.

  • Light Weight and Anti-earthquake
  • Elegant Design
  • Economical and Practical
  • Widely Used
  • Green Environmental
  • Firm and Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Good Weather Resistance
  • Anti- noise


Rain Gutter and Downspout System

Rain gutter and downspout system is composed by gutter, downspout and other accessories. It can collect rain water from the roof and divert them away from the foundation, in order to protect roof, wall and foundation from erosion and leak. It can bring your building life extension and structure aesthetics.

  • High weather resistance, long-lasting gorgeous color
  • Unique design, natural cleanliness
  • Easy installation, light and decorative
  • Economical and practical, environment protecting


Ceiling T-bar

Light Steel Ceiling T-bar is the main material of the suspended ceiling. In Light Steel Keel System, Light Steel Ceiling T-bars are made into square frames and connected with the floor through screws, in order to fix the ceiling or objects. As the Light steel has the features of low density, light weight and high hardness, Light Steel Ceiling T-bar never deform and has been widely used in building decoration.


Jinan Kingbeck trading Co., Ltd. affiliated to Jinan First Construction Group, is an comprehensive import and export trade platform of the group. Our main products are new building materials, tea and Fast-moving consumer goods , etc.. Until now we have exported to over 50 countries and aeras like Africa, Southeast Asia, the Commonwealth of the Independent States, and South America, etc.,  and the export volume has reached USD 10 million.

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